In the beginning…..

Happy New Year.

Last year, I resolved to do two things:

1.) Change my eating habits to become healthier and to lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday. I changed my eating. I lost 55 pounds by my 50th and 71 for the year.

2.) Read through the Bible chronologically in a year. There were a couple of times that I had to read 3 days worth at once but I did it.

In 2011, I resolve four things:

1.) Continue eating my new way and lose the last 33 pounds (and then find away to maintain the loss)

2.) Read through the Bible in a year.

3.) Take at least 1 picture per day and pick my favorite so at the end of the year I will have 365 pictures of the year. My goal is to take seven pictures at the end of the week and make them into one page and then at the end of the year, make a yearbook that has 52 pages.

4.) Blog more — post the pictures, tell the stories, and share the scriptures

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What I did on Saturday — with pictures

The morning started out will a 9 AM call time at a parade in Laguna Nigel. Since I just wanted to drop off 3 children (ages 15, 11 and 9) the guys at the blockade didn’t want them to walk the half a block with adult supervision so I got to park behind the band directors van in the bus lane. About a half an hour before the parade was to start they had the band buses move to the end of the parade. Since I didn’t have time to walk back to the start of the parade, I got to play with the driver of the other van (they played with leaves while I took pictures)

Then the parade started and we saw

There were

but I somehow missed the Sailors.

I also saw…(of all ages)

There were also ..

Then my children marched by
I finished walking the parade with them (and took like 200 other pictures). Then I jumped in the van and took off for the border (San Diego County that is) so the oldest of the marchers could meet up with her 2 sisters at the youth event for our church in Oceanside. After a quick stop in Dana Point to refresh the troops (a sandwich and a shake because it was warm and sunny for the parade), we hit the 5 south. Half way through Camp Pendleton, we stopped at the rest stop and this is what I saw

Then we made to Oceanside and dropped of the teen and I got to actually drive on the ocean side.
This was the view outside the passenger window

After spending a couple of hours improving the local economy, we went to Mars (sort of) for an intergalactic low carb lunch

Then we got back in the van where we drove in traffic like this (which made us take twice as long to get home)

We arrived home in time to see this

we then waited at the train station for the older 3 girls.
I saw a bicyclist ride up the ramp

and then the metrolink pulled in to the station

after a quick dinner at Jack in the Box, we went home where I collapsed

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The Twenty-Five Days of Christmas (Music)

On the third day of December, I listened to

my all time favorite Latin song

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The Twenty-Five Days of Christmas (Music)

On the second day of December, I listened to

Mr. Christmas sing

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On the first day of December, I listened to

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How to Train (or at least park) a Dragon

Dragons are mighty beasts

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That can be easily handled

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Coolest trip to Knott’s so far

We went to Knott’s Berry Farm for most of Thanksgiving Day. My husband and I love to ride on steam trains. Since it was a holiday, Knott’s was running the steam engine (instead of the diesel bus which is also very cool). We couldn’t find a seat on the first train we were in line for so we got off and were first in line for the next one. While we were waiting, my husband started asking about the cars on the siding with the attendant. The attendant called over the engineer to answer his questions. He asked her if they ever allowed people to tour the cars. She said sometimes if there the other engineer had time between giving breaks. She arranged for us to meet the other engineer who not only allowed us to tour the cars on the siding but also gave us a tour of the “round” house. We got to see the other steam engine which was warming up after a month off for service, a parlor car and a car that is being restored. All of these cars are from the late 1800’s when train travel was elegant. It was a totally cool tour and we got to see a side of Knott’s that was new to us.

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